Mentorship Guidelines

Mentorship is a key ingredient for xStory and for the ITP community as a whole. The xStory committee assigns mentors to projects.

If you're an ITP xStory Mentor, reading these mentorship guidelines for the first time -
We'd like to thank you for taking the time to support our work! Your feedback, criticism, and direction are crucial to the building process of our projects and to the overall success of our community development! In other words, your mentorship and your dedication mean a whole lot to us! You're the best! 🥇

If you're not an ITP xStory Mentor, and maybe just stumbled upon this page -
Feel free to use this material for your own project! If you created a new and better version of these guidelines, please share it with us (dda290[[at]]nyu[[dot]]edu). We'd love to learn from your fresh ideas and to credit you for your support.

Mentorship Goals

The following is a list of domains, in which we hope students can benefit from their mentors:

  • Creative direction - Finding a possible target audience and highlighting the magical, interesting and innovative aspects of the project
  • Technical direction - Finding the most 'cost-effective' way to implement an idea
  • Prioritization - Shifting the focus of the project development between different parts, based on creative and/or technical decisions
  • Communication - Composing different ways to tell the story of the project and spotting the correct channels to communicate this story
  • Network - Connecting the students with professionals that could contribute to their development
  • Good vides - Providing a warm, friendly and backing-up supportive environment ☕️

Mentorship Capacity and Availability

Following are the expectations set by the ITP xStory class for mentorship:

  • Once every week or two: A feedback and/or consulting session in the form of e-mail, video chat, or IRL meeting
  • On or about the week of an ITP xStory presentation day (there will be 2 presentation days dates TBD): Feedback and/or consulting session of project progress and presentation, in the form of e-mail, video chat, or IRL meeting
  • Attendance to 2 ITP xStory presentation days (mentors who live outside New York will be able to attend via video chat)
  • Before the project hand-off (date TBD): Feedback and/or consulting session of the completed project documentation, in the form of e-mail, video chat, or IRL meeting
  • After the project completion: A review and feedback on a project summary blog post, which will be written by the students

It is the hope that the relationship established and work developed during the final project period will extend beyond the class, however, there is no requirement that mentors continue their involvement after reviewing the work

Code of Conduct

Please review the xStory Code of Conduct.

Special Thanks

To Daniel Shiffman, whose Open Source Studio ITP class documents served as a boilerplate for this one.

Update date: December 31, 2018